January week 3

What a difference a week makes! As I start to feel more human after last weeks flu, I’ve picked those needles back up and have been cracking on with my projects. Week 3 – 14th to 20th Jan Projects cast-on = 1 Projects finished = 0 Days knit = 5 Hours knitting = 18 hours.Continue reading “January week 3”

January week 2

ILLNESS STRIKES! Yes that’s right… I got the flu… and not the mythical man-flu either… proper flu! Talk about bad timing for my 2019 crafting plans! The aches and pains of flu combined with a hacking cough and running nose are hardly well suited to crafting, so I’ve sadly spent four days in bed withoutContinue reading “January week 2”

January week 1

Well here we are then, a new month with a brand new page to fill with all sorts of crafty things! If you’ve found your way here and you don’t know what it’s all about, then check out the background to my #knit365 project. Each week (or maybe more if I’ve got something interesting to share)Continue reading “January week 1”