My knit365 project – 2019 edition


My knit365 project!

So what’s this all about then?

I’ve been knitting for about four years and crocheting for a year. I love both (although definitely favour knitting!). You read so much about mindfulness and taking time to sit back, knit and create something. I know I sleep better at night if I’ve knit before bed.

Last year I set myself a plan to knit more than I had the year before and I’ve set myself the same goal for 2019. I track my progress on the knitting/crochet website Ravelry and you can check out my project page here.

In 2018 I had a target of 15 items which I smashed and ended up finishing 28! So 2019’s target is 31 – a 10% increase on last year.

Knit 365 is my way of setting out to achieve this.

I know that life will probably get in the way and I won’t have time to craft every day, but I’m definitely going to try… if I try and knit or crochet a little every day the. I know I’ll hit my target!

As well as knitting (or crocheting) every day I’ve set myself three challenges for new projects:

  1. A top down yoke jumper
  2. An “Aran” style jumper
  3. Steeking

So that’s pretty much it… I’m aiming to blog once a week to track my progress and look forward to sharing this journey with you all.

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