For Fox Sake Sweater

A graphic yolk sweater for our Fox mad friend Sharon!

By Maxim Cyr

Started: 21st September 2020

Finished: 13th December 2020

Pattern Link:

Yarn Used:

West Wool Tandem, DK

John Arbon Textiles Paint By Numbers, DK (for the orange)

Main colour approx. 985 metres

Contrast colour 1 (blue) approx. 20p metres

Contrast colour 2 (orange) approx. 110 metres

Contrast colour 3 (white) approx. 150 metres


Main colour Pebble

Contrast colour 1 Prince

Contrast colour 2 KBN13

Contrast colour 3 Birch Tree

Tools Used:

3.5mm needle for ribbing and 4mm needle for main body

Mini blog

We have an amazing friend called Sharon, she’s one of those friends that are there for you when you need them, you can go weeks without speaking but they’ll always take your call.

Everyone needs a friend like Sharon.

So when Sharon had to curtail plans for a special birthday celebration because of the pandemic, I decided to make an extra special gift for her birthday. Sharon is obsessed with foxes – we call her Foxy Shaz – and this pattern by Max Cyr was the perfect choice.

I’ve made one of Max’s patterns before and I just love how vibrant and graphic his designs are. The real challenge with making this sweater was that the yolk has three colours in use at the same time for most of the design, often in colourwork yolks you have three yarns running at the same time as the exception, but this one was the norm with maybe only 1 or 2 rows of the chart using only two colours. But when you’re a few rows in and you’ve sorted out your yarn management so the balls don’t get tangled together the yolk is actually a pretty speedy knit.

I wanted this jumper to be perfect and Sharon knew she was having it as a gift, so when I had finished it I didn’t sew in the ends until we saw Sharon for her to try it on, by keeping the ends live it meant I could adjust the length of the body or the arms for that perfect fit.

Lockdown restrictions eased in the UK just before Christmas and we saw Sharon, and I think she looks amazing in her jumper!

The amazing Sharon!
The best label from Stephen and Penelope
Blocking hides a multitude of sins in colourwork!
Wound and ready to go…

One thought on “For Fox Sake Sweater

  1. Oh, bigmoose 😁 Just saw that there’s an old post here that missed.
    It’s hard to do this over several platforms.. maybe it would be easier to manage if, e.g. you just put up all the projects vlogs here as well with perhaps a little transcript of it? (maybe possbile to do that automised?)


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