Mini Festive Elf

Elf, Toft Miniture Dolls collection

The cutest little elf for the festive season!

Started: 25th October 2020

Finished: 28th October 2020

Pattern Link:

Yarn Used:

Toft DK wool

c. 100g in total


Skin tone – Oatmeal

Hair – Chestnut

Main clothing colour – green

Contrast clothing colour – Cream

Tools Used:

3mm crochet hook

Mini blog

As a big fan of the Toft collections and with Christmas just around the corner, I thought it was time to add something festive to my menagerie!

This was my first attempt at a Toft creation that wasn’t an animal. I’m used to working on smaller projects – also known as fiddly things – and I enjoyed the different techniques this doll gave me.

The doll is created by making a body and head in one piece and then crocheting the arms. The jumper is crocheted to add on later, just like dressing a doll.

The legs are worked by alternating stripes and then the shoes are made separate and added on after. Spoiler alert – I didn’t enjoy doing the shoes and it took me a few attempts to do it, they were really fiddly!

I purchased an Elf kit from Toft and whilst I’ve nearly used up all the green colour, I have enough of the skin tone left to make a 2nd doll I think, and with other coloured yarns in my stash I’m sure I could make another to keep this one company.

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