Rory Cardigan by Sarah Hatton

Rory Cardigan

A new staple for my winter wardrobe!

Started: 1st March 2020

Finished: 28th September 2020

Pattern Link:

Yarn Used:

West Yorkshire Spinners Croft

1,369 yards / 1,251 metres


Laxfirth – Dark Grey – 1,369 yards / 1,251 metres

Tools Used:

4.5mm needle for ribbing and button bands

5mm needle for main body

A mini-blog

I finished my Rory cardigan this week, a great pattern by Sarah Hatton for West Yorkshire Spinners using their Croft wool.

I adapted the pattern slightly to shorten the sleeves and I left off the buttons to give more of a ‘swoosh’ effect. I really love that hand knitting (and other hand made crafts too of course) enable you to customise the project for that perfect fit!

The other thing I love about this project is the rolled collar, created using short rows over the neck I love how it sits on the neck and it feels like an extra ‘hug’ when I’m wearing it.

This is the 2nd project I’ve made using the Croft wool and there’s a difference in the wool from my experience. The solid colour Croft I used here is warm and squishy, it feels really soft seeing as it’s 100% wool. The first project I made used the Croft roving Aran tweed still feels a bit scratchy today even though it’s been washed. Perhaps there’s something in the production or colour dying process that affects the finish of the wool?

The wool for this project was purchased from Ammonite Yarns using vouchers I had for Christmas, the perfect gift from the MIL which meant I got to make my own Christmas present! I always struggle to think of gift ideas when people ask me what I’d like so being able to buy wool and make a hand knitted project just for me worked so well I might just do it again…

3 thoughts on “Rory Cardigan by Sarah Hatton

  1. Oh missed out on the updates here – not so much interaction but I think blogs should be worshipped too! Maybe the large pics are not ideal for mobile users and that’s a good number of people. Don’t know how good it gets scaled tho wordpress should know how to get it mobile friendy.

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      1. Ah okay – that should be fine then 🙂 I’m using it on the laptop where the pics seem pretty big (header especially) but that’s the theme I guess


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