Sandrine Shawl #2

Sandrine Shawl by Gäelle Henriett

A ‘v’ shaped shawl crocheted from the centre outwards.

Started: 20th April 2020

Finished: 2nd August 2020

Pattern Link:

Yarn Used:

West Yorkshire Spinners – Gem (Double Knit weight)

756 yards / 697 metres


Pink Quartz – 439 yards / 405 metres

Moonstone – 317 yards / 292 metres

Tools Used:

3.5mm hook

A mini-blog

This is my 2nd Sandrine Shawl and my crochet confidence grew even more making it. Despite being an avid fan of the Toft amigurumi animals I’ve never made a garment, and when learning to crochet I have fond memories of everything I made being wonky – I struggled to crochet in a straight line!

The pattern is really intuitive and very easy to follow, there are also videos for each section of the pattern that Gäelle filmed to really make things easy for the crocheter.

This is a great stash buster as the crochet eats through the yarn, I used just under 3 skeins which is approximately 750 yards (700 metres) in the WYS yarn I chose.

This is going to be gifted to Mark’s Mum, I’m sure she’s going to love it.

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