Flower Girl Cardigan

Flower Girl Cardigan by Jenny Watson

A cardigan with simple floral lace pattern.

Started: 17th June 2020

Finished: 28th June 2020

Pattern Link: https://www.wyspinners.com/Bo%20Peep%20-%20Story%20Book

Yarn Used:

West Yorkshire Spinners – Bo Peep (Double Knit weight)

245 yards


Magic – 245 yards plus odds of yarn from stash for button bands

Tools Used:

4mm needle

A mini-blog

A simple cardigan as part of the baby set I made for friends. I pattern matched the yarn throughout so had loads of ends to sew in at the end, but the effect of the stripes being consistent throughout was perfect.

I made age 3-6 months which will be perfect for a British winter!

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