Toft Inflexsions Shawl

Inflexions Shawl

My first attempt at Mosaic knitting

Started: 24th May 2020

Finished: 7th June 2020

Pattern Link:

Yarn Used:

Toft DK wool

Just under two balls – 1 of each colour


172 yards cream

192 yards oatmeal

Tools Used:

4mm needle on 24” cable

A mini blog

I picked up a copy of the Spring 2018 Toft Quarterly at a yarn festival many years ago and Mark had been drawn to this shawl, it was one that was added to the knitting queue but one that never got near the top.

One day I’d finished work and discovered Mark had been riffling through my stash (rude!) and he’d pulled out some lovely Toft wool in oatmeal and cream and immediately asked that I start this project!

Who was I to say no?

I’d never done any mosaic knitting before and after an emergency email to the Toft customer services team to clarify something in the pattern (they were amazing and speedy as always!) I cast on.

The pattern was pretty self explanatory once it clicked and I liked that you really only need to pay attention every other row, with mosaic knitting the purl/wrong side row is always the same as the knit/right side so it made for good TV knitting.

This was the first time I used the Toft wool to knit with and it’s so squishy, the 100% wool has a lovely feel to it and it’s amazing how different it feels when knit up compared to crochet.

There’s another mosaic shawl in the same pattern book that Mark has asked for, although I don’t have enough in my stash for that – he’s going to need to go wool shopping if he wants that one!

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