All the bubbles…

My last post was in January… where has the time gone?

It’s April 2020 and like most of the World we’re in lockdown. Not only is this the best way to stay safe it also means I’m getting lots of extra hours of crafting done – more on that in future blogs.

Today’s post is all about the bubbles (as the title suggests!) and my first big project completed this year was my Bubble Cowl by Stephen West. Those that have been reading for a while know of my love for a West Knits pattern, so moving on from the Bubble Sweater I made last year I added this straight to my queue when it was released.

The pattern is the same as for the jumper, elongated stitches every seven rows create the bubbles, the only difference was this was the entire cowl rather than just the top of a colour work jumper – a mammoth effort and one I’ll admit to tiring of towards the end.

Mark chose the colours which match a hat and glove set he brought from Burberry a few years ago. The cowl is double thickness as it was knit in the round and then seamed together at the end. I used Cascade 220 100% wool which means it is super snug and warming, perfect for a Nordic winter (and hopefully a cold UK one too!). The other perfect thing about this project for a knitter is it’s just a big tube – so no need to sew I many ends, just tie them securely and leave them! (The inside is almost as pretty as the outside I think!)

I finished this in March just in time for a trip to Kraków with great friends, the last time we really went out before the lockdown.

This was one of my ‘9 for 2020‘ projects so a great start to the year!

Until next time, happy crafting.

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