Honeycomb crochet blanket

Honeycomb blanket

My first crochet blanket!

Started: 3rd August 2019

Finished: 10th April 2020

Pattern Link: https://www.stylecraft-yarns.co.uk/Bellissima+DK+Pattern+9614+Honeycomb+Blanket+and+Cushion/0_CAFA103/PRND167.htm

Yarn Used:

Special Stylecraft Aran

3,130 metres in total (16 skeins)


Graphite, Silver and Spice

Tools Used:

5mm crochet hook

Mini blog

My local yarn shop, Ammonite Yarns were selling this as a kit. Since learning to crochet I really wanted to make a blanket and this was the perfect opportunity. This blanket is created by making individual honeycombs and then crocheting them together.

In order to make the blanket more suitable for our bedroom I made this pattern using Stylecraft Special Aran rather than Stylecraft Belissima (DK).

The blanket will be a lot bigger in Aran than specified DK but will be perfect for a UK winter. My chosen colours match our bedroom, again a change to personalise it for me rather than the recommended honeycomb style colours.

Each honeycombe is joined with a double crochet stitch and then a final border added. The border is finished with a crab stitch which gave a lovely edge effect.

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