Knock Knock mittens

Convertible (or not!) mittens!

Started:29th December 2019

Finished: 2nd March 2020

Pattern link:

Yarn Used:

Countess Ablaze, Lady Persephone Sock

Approx 70g from 100g skein



Tools Used:

3.5mm needle

Mini blog

These mittens were started as part of my Christmas cast-on in 2019 but due to starting other projects the pay took a bit of a back seat.

We took a trip to Krakow with some great friends in early March and these were the perfect holiday knit, easy to remember the pattern and portable enough to knit on the flight.

The pattern itself is quite straightforward, essentially it follows the same idea as a knitted sock, but with a slightly different finish to leave the end open with a rib.

I decided to close in the thumb for extra warmth with just my fingers sticking out so I can use my phone! The pattern comes with a small cover that folds over to keep finger tips warm but at the moment I’ve decided against making that, I’m not sure I’d use it which seems a little like a waste of wool – who knows, in the future they may become convertible mitts….

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