New projects, lots of planning!

2020 started with a click of the needles and another new cast-on!

So on top of the six projects I started over the Christmas break I now have another item on the needles – and there are another eight to come too. I spent some time over the last week looking through patterns for projects I’d like to make in 2020 if I was to look back at the end of the year and feel pretty darn chuffed with myself!

I came up with my ‘nine for 2020’ which is going to be no mean feat to tackle… but hey, there’s nothing like a challenge. My 9 projects contain no less than 7 jumpers and cardigans which on their own will be a challenge, plus a cowl and a shawl. Nine projects in 12 months sounds achievable at the start of the year, that’s just over a month per project.

“But what about the projects you cast-on over Christmas I hear you ask?” well they’re still in the background and if you read back over the ‘Christmas cast-on’ blogs you’ll see they’re all smaller projects which are perfect for out and about knitting.

At the end of the day this is a bit of fun, as you know from some of my recent blogs I want 2020 to be no fuss and focused on the knitting. But if I can work up even half of this list I’ll be really happy!

So…. with that in mind I’ve already cast-on one of these and I’ve brought the wool for a 2nd!

The Bubble Cowl (middle left)

Being a sucker for a Stephen West pattern as soon as I saw the new Bubble Cowl I wanted to start it straightaway and fortunately I already had the required wool in my stash – what are the chances!? Mark had picked the wool up for another project which was quickly repurposed – I need to do 59 bubbles and am currently on 14, my plan is to finish this in January so I’m on track!

Marled Mania Sweater (middle bottom)

Another Stephen West pattern and this one is definitely going to happen. I’m so excited about this project it’s been a while in the planning – there will be a separate blog about this one and perhaps even my first vlog, but in the meantime check out the bright colours that I’m going to be using for the body using hand dyed yarn from Carolien who is Colourful Creativity over on Instagram.

What projects have you got in plan for 2020? Let me know!

Until next time, happy crafting.

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