Christmas cast-on day 6

We made it – day 6, and the final day of my cast-on adventure!

I’ve really enjoyed starting some small projects that have been hanging around in my stash for quite some time, I’m a big fan of knitting ‘out and about’ so these will be perfect for taking to coffee shops (and also perfect for TV knitting!).

No cast-on adventure though would be complete without some crochet so it’s only right and proper that day 6 is a crochet pattern and of course, it has to be something from Toft!

I’m a huge fan of the Edward’s Menagerie collection and have a few already sitting up around the flat. My youngest niece (20 months) loves playing with them and after a visit there’s usually a collection of cuddly critters scattered around the living room.

So today we’re starting to hook up Winston the Aardvark. Winston looks like a studious animal so will have top billing on our work desk at home – I think I’m going to try and find some modelling wire and make him a pair of glasses!

I didn’t get too much crafting time today, but have managed to do his body and head already! The Ed’s kits really are quick to whip up and Winston is being made entirely from my stash of Toft wool so it’s even better that I get to use up some wool I already have!

I don’t think he’ll take long to finish, perhaps he’ll be my first #FO (finished object) of 2020…

And that’s it for now. My cast-ons are done and it’s time to get working on some projects. I’ve got some big knits planned for the next few months and I’m finally making some things for me – more on that in a future blog!

Until next time, happy crafting.

One thought on “Christmas cast-on day 6

  1. Loved reading about your Christmas cast-ons. Really missed your blog these past few months. Hope you continue to post throughout 2020, showing us your makes and mistakes and attempts at tryin g new things.

    Regards and happy knitting!!!!


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