2019 – my year in review

Where did 2019 go?

One minute I’m knitting in a coffee shop in Manchester and planning a blog, next minute I’m trying to work out if I need to sleep in order to finish some projects to hit my target!

I’m really pleased with my crafting efforts in 2019 despite not hitting both of my self-imposed goals!

2019 objectives:

As well as knitting (or crocheting) every day I’ve set myself three challenges for new projects:

  1. A top down yoke jumper

  2. An “Aran” style jumper

  3. Steeking

1. A top down yoke jumper was a big tick, in fact I did three top down jumpers in 2019 – how good is that!

2. An ‘Aran’ style jumper – well I cast one on and knit the first 2 rows of the cable pattern, realised that it wasn’t easy TV knitting and put it in the hibernation corner. It is still an objective though so returns on the 2020 plan!

3. Steeking. I’m half ticking this goal off… I did a steeking course, and I’ve learnt the basics, I feel confident enough to tackle a full project now – there is steeking on my 2020 plan too!

Finished Object target

I wanted to knit or crochet 31 items in 2019 which was basically my 2018 tally + 10%. I ended the year on 26. I’m not disheartened. There were some turbulent personal times during the year and I didn’t do much crafting, I didn’t have the headspace to knit!

Check out my Ravelry page for a complete listing of all my 2019 #FOs.

But I pushed myself on projects and some of my finished objects are amazing (if I say so myself!) with a particular highlight joining in with a Stephen West KAL and learning how to Brioche!

2020 objectives

So I’ve set my plan for 2020 with three objectives again:

  1. An “Aran” style jumper (it’s already cast-on, I just need to knit it!)
  2. Steeking (a full project – I’ve got a cardigan pattern already in mind!)
  3. Design my own pattern and publish it on Ravelry.

All of these are achievable, there will be a few separate blog posts for the 2nd one as I’m taking a jumper pattern and steeking it into a cardigan – I’m so excited about this it’s one of my January projects! For the 3rd one it’s something I’d like to do to tick off my knitting bucket list, I’ve got some ideas already and I’m doing a ‘designing colour work’ course in February so watch this space!

As for a number? It’s 2020 so would seem remiss of me not to go for a round 20!

What are your plans? Whatever you’re up to, happy crafting!

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