Christmas cast-on day 3

Today is all about colour.

Mark (my boyfriend, for new readers!) is an enabler of my hobby and regularly encourages me to buy wool… best of all he often sends me links to patterns he’s seen and asks me to make them for him (he’s a keeper!).

Mark is also great when it comes to birthdays and Christmas as he hunts around for wooly gifts and this Christmas he brought me a skein of this awesome wool from Kralalien Colourful Creative. I’d seen the wool mentioned in a YouTube vlog from the lovely Angela and we went to buy the yarn a few weeks ago at one of my LYS, Yarn n Yarns in Penarth.

Check out those colours!

Angela had a pair of socks knit up in the shop using this yarn and the pops of colour against the grey background really jumped out at me. I’ve got a kit for some mittens (tomorrows project!) and this yarn will be the perfect accompaniment for a matching hat.

Whilst in the shop buying the wool Angela recommended a simple hat pattern for me to look at which uses fingering weight yarn which I downloaded and away we go. The Sockhead Slouch Hat pattern by Kelly McClure is a free pattern and has many options to help you customise the fit.

It’s been a productive day where I finished the ribbing and started on the stocking stitch, another pattern which is just rounds of knit stitch but again the perfect portable project for out and about knitting. I’ve taken a bit of inspiration from Carolien’s sock pattern and every time the coloured sections of the yarn come up I’m purling them which is giving me a bit of texture.

I’ve enjoyed today’s project so much I don’t really want to stop and cast-on something new. But the rainbow theme continues tomorrow, although this time it’s a bit more tricky… watch this space!

Until then, happy crafting.

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