Christmas cast-on day 1

Well my Christmas cast-on party has started and it’s with mixed results on day 1!

First up on my needles was planned to be the Mindfulness Cowl by Louise Tilbrook, but a few inches into the pattern and I’ve decided the wool I chose isn’t right for the pattern.

The wool is by the awesome Countess Ablaze, it’s the Space Cadet super bulky which is 90% merino and 10% stellina. The colourway is called ‘Sexy Times’ and it jumped out at me on a trip to the Countess’s studio in January when I was in Manchester to watch the musical Wicked – the perfect colour for the show!

So… the pattern looks like a series of clusters and in the Space Cadet just looked too muddy, you couldn’t see the definition of the stitch due to the changing colours.

I was enjoying the pattern and have some other chunky wool in my stash in a solid colour which will really show off the pattern. So that’s a stash busting project planned for 2020.

Back to this festive project and the more I looked at the wool yesterday the more I decided a really simple pattern structure would show off the great colours – et voila!

I’ve made a good start and have cast-on 43 stitches with a provisional cast-on and I’m working in 2×2 rib. This is still going to be a cowl and when I get to the desired length I’ll graft the stitches together to make it seamless. I’ve already got two cowls in this wool and it’s gloriously squishy and warm to wear!

Looking at the two projects side by side I’m really happy that I stopped when I did as I think the rib shows off the Countess’s awesome dyeing!

Hope you’re all managing to get some crafting done in this weird bit between Christmas and New Year. Next up on my cast-on journey is the Coffee Break cowl!

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