April week 15

The curse of the garter stitch returns

Week 15 – 8th to 14th April

    Projects cast-on = 0
    Projects finished = 0
    Days knit = 7
    Hours knitting = 22 hours

Nothing new was started this week and sadly nothing has been finished either… but I’ve made great progress on my new scarf AND I’ve done another week of knitting 7 days running so I’m feeling really great!

Diagonal Drift

I’ve continued to be addicted to the Diagonal Drift scarf this week and have once again turned to monogamous knitting to make progress. Similar to the baby blanket from a few weeks ago it’s actually been really relaxing to churn out row after row of knit stitch, it’s also perfect for TV knitting which is good as we’ve been on a Game of Thrones catch up!

This is a really simple pattern as there are only two pattern sections, one has the short rows and one is a straight section.

The short rows have been worked as German Short Rows which is definitely my new preferred way to do these, they’re so neat and there’s no awkward wraps to pick up.

Look how cool they are those diagonal stripes are!

The scarf/shawl curve has really started to show and I’m now on the final section which is a mighty 43 repeats so approximately 172 rows! This is going to take some time but is in my plan to finish this week especially with a BH weekend coming up.

The edging detail is really pretty too as you can see here.

Overall this has been a great project to work on and I think it’s the start of a Stephen West addiction…

And finally…

Like any good knitter before I’ve finished one project of course I’m lining up my next one – and yes you guessed it, it’s another Stephen West design! Hopefully I’ll have cast it on for the next blog but I picked the wool up from Ammonite Yarns this week – any ideas as to which design this will be?

Until next week, happy crafting!

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