March week 10

A new cast on, nothing finished!

After the success of week 9 being the first week where I knit/crochet for 7 days, sadly it’s back down to 6 days this week……

Week 10 – 4th to 10th March

    Projects cast-on = 1
    Projects finished = 0
    Days knit = 6
    Hours knitting = 18 hours

2019 objective – a knitted yolk!

One of my objectives for 2019 is to make a jumper with a knitted yolk. There are so many lovely patterns I want to make I added it to my challenge list, and this week I cast a project on! I’m going to make a jumper for #niece2 as it’s easier to learn a new technique on a smaller project before I start an adult piece.

I’ve seen lots of fellow knitters regularly rave about Tin Can Knits and their wonderful patterns, well I saw a pattern and decided #niece2 would look lovely in it. So I’ve made great progress this week with their Spotlight jumper.

Knitting in the round may be my new favourite way to create a jumper – yes ok the DPNs are a bit fiddly to start off with just 13 stitches but making a continuous tube with no seaming definitely seems the way to go.

I started this on Tuesday at Ammonite Yarns knit/crochet club and I’ve worked on nothing else all week!

I read ahead on the pattern on Tuesday night and realised in horror that I needed to do a Wrap & Turn (W&T) for some short rows… it’s a shame I wasn’t blogging last year when I attempted W&T on a sock heel and swore I’d never do it again… Ruth is one of the owners at Ammonite Yarns and joked that there is no such thing as the knitting police and that I don’t need to W&T and could use German Short Rows instead – no one will tell me off!

Jenny (the other owner) then gave me a quick demo of the technique and look readers… short row shaping using the German Short a row technique!

This further proves for me the value of a bricks and mortar yarn shop, I didn’t ask for help we were just chatting over a coffee about what I was working on, and hearing me aghast at the W&T technique they offered up advice to a novice knitter which made my life so much easier!

So by the end of Sunday night I’ve successfully joined the sleeves to the main body and I’m ready to start the coloured yolk! Watch this space for progress next week…

Until next time, happy crafting!

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