February week 7

Still not quite close enough… but nearly there!

Not many of you read last weeks blog and to be honest you’re all probably as sick as me at hearing about the progress of the baby blanket… but this week in summary…

Week 7 – 11th Feb to 17th Feb

    Projects cast-on = 0
    Projects finished = 0
    Days knit = 5
    Hours knitting = 21 hours

A really productive week of knitting including some great time on Sunday catching up with family over a big roast and knitting the day away! Still only 5 out of 7 days knit/crochet but some good hours put in on the needles.

Nearly there…

I set myself a target of finishing the knitting on the baby blanket this week and despite me saying this in previous weeks I am very nearly there… one grey stripe followed by the final white stripe and I’m casting off… so watch this space! The garter ripple squish will be done this week!

I really love the stitch pattern and I’m so glad I chose to knit this ripple rather than the usual crochet ripple.

And when I cast off we all know what’s coming next….. yes… sewing in the ends!

So that’s it for this week… a shorter than usual blog post as there’s not much to tell over and above continued knit stitches!

EDIT: I wrote the beginning of the blog on Sunday but held off posting as I was convinced I was going to finish the blanket, then work got in the way on Monday so I hope you enjoy a delayed Tuesday blog!

Until next week… happy crafting!

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