February week 6

Close, but not quite close enough…

So that’s another week passed and we’re nearly there on the garter ripple stitch blanket! I’ve had to work on something else this week too though, boredom crept in…

Week 6 – 4th Feb to 10th Feb

    Projects cast-on = 1
    Projects finished = 0
    Days knit = 4
    Hours knitting = 9 hours

Last week was so busy at work that I struggled to fit in any real knitting or crochet time, which ultimately means a shorter than usual blog!

Spring sprung?

As I posted on Instagram on Saturday, when the colours are that vibrant and the sun is shining there’s no need for a filter, check this lovely picture out!

Desperately in need of a break from row after row of garter stitch I grabbed some wonderful Toft yarn including this bright yellow which I’d ordered to make Geraldine the Duck for my menagerie. It was lovely to spend a few hours on Saturday morning starting something new, I also found that working on something completely different refreshed me and I spent Sunday working again on the blanket.

The picture of the blooming daffodils was a welcome sight to wake up to on the weekend and I hope it’s the first sign that spring is on its way.

As you can see, Geraldine is far from finished but I took a little satisfaction finishing the head and body combo and I can definitely see an improvement in the speed with which I can crochet!

Garter, garter, garter…

The blanket is making great progress despite a lack of knitting last week. I set out to blog my progress with the aim of trying to find a little time each day to work on my projects – this blog is called #knit365 after all!

But life well and truly got in the way last week and I dropped down to only knitting on 4 days. I’ve still not found the ability to get up early and knit/crochet a little before I head to work which I think is the key to unlocking my crafting time. Work is very busy at the moment and three nights last week I came home feeling drained and just lay on the sofa watching TV. As my needles taunted me from my project bag I felt a pang of guilt at not using that time to craft but I just couldn’t face it.

The irony is that I know deep down the benefits of mindfulness and how knitting helps me relax! Still, I’m not beating myself up, I do what I can and know progress will follow.

With only two colour repeats left I know I’m on the home straight with the blanket and at roughly an hour a colour my aim is to finish the blanket this week – watch this space readers!

Until next week… happy crafting!

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