January and February – week 5

I’m (still) a monogamous knitter…

Yes that’s right, another week has passed and I’ve still only worked on the same item…

Week 5 – 28th Jan to 3 Feb

    Projects cast-on = 0
    Projects finished = 1
    Days knit = 5
    Hours knitting = 17 hours

Another week with only 5 days of knitting/crocheting and I’m determined to get a full week in soon! Whilst I’ve only worked on the baby blanket again this week I have finished an Ed’s Menagerie animal and I’ve 95% finished the cardigan for niece #1 – progress shared below!

First finished object for 2019 (#FO)

Everyone, meet Bradlee! Bradlee is a squirrel from the Toft Ed’s Menagerie collection. The Toft animals were the reason I learnt to crochet last year, I love the style and branding of the collection and I really enjoyed working on Bradlee. All the crochet was done last year, I’ve just not found the time to sew him up!

The tail was an interesting piece to work on, loop stitches all the way with a bit of a colour change at the tip. Bradlee now joins the rest of my menagerie – Noel, Emma, Piotr and Rory (left to right in the picture). I think there will be a separate blog post on my love of Toft in future weeks.

Maya cardigan

There’s been no progress on the cardigan for #niece1 for the last few weeks as I found myself addicted to the new baby blanket. But a weekend at home has allowed me time to finally sew it up. I’m not claiming this as a #FO this week as I still need to block it and add buttons, but hopefully I’ll get that done this week.

I’m really pleased though, what do you think so far?

And finally…

Another week where all my efforts have gone into the baby blanket! It’s such a fun pattern where I’m now working on it from memory and ratting through it at pace, it’s perfect for watching TV which is great as we’re binge watching Game of Thrones for a 2nd time.

I’m over half way through now and will definitely be finished in February, little babba isn’t due until May so I’m well ahead of schedule.

Have a great week – happy crafting!

3 thoughts on “January and February – week 5

  1. Oh Martyn..such wonderful and impressive work. The blanket pattern is lovely. Given me something to think about. Your crocheted toft animals are adorable. So sad not to be able to join the group tonight☹😪. Xx

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  2. Loving the blanket. As for TV knitting, I couldn’t knit a stitch on Tuesday due to the stress and excitement of watching Newport County beating Middlesbrough. Got a lot more done this afternoon during Italy v Wales.

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